Due to requests from a large number of previous listeners to continue as a Radio Station, a decision at the AGM on the 12 Nov. 2002 voted to continue with the original purpose and vision set out by its founders. We shall continue to seek God's guidance in the establishment of a full time completely Gospel Station to meet the needs of the Christian community in the format that won people to the Lord during test broadcasts. At present we are praying for a digital licence and preparing our library of over 26,000 songs for computer based broadcasting.

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Welcome to Melbourne Gospel Radio

Why bother to keep going? Will you ever be likely to obtain a full time licence?

We believe God has ordained the ministry of Melbourne Gospel Radio and we have no doubt He will ensure we obtain a full time licence. This doesn't mean we will not have set backs or everything will always run smoothly. In fact our Christian experience has taught us when we are doing something to effectively spread God's Word Satan will do his utmost to try and prevent it.

We have already seen people make decisions for Christ by hearing His word over the air in previous test broadcasts.

Progress so far...

First 500 original vinyl records in library (5,975 songs).
1st row of CD's are restored songs with scratches removed.
2nd row is the MP3's of the CD's (with e-tagging for each song @192kbps)
3rd row is the pictorial index of covers and words where provided.
Estimated completion date of entire library 2016.

CD Library converted to MP3s
with e-tagging and pictorial index as per the vinyl library (13,322 songs). Ready for broadcasting.

In February 2015 we had 91.95% of the vinyl records re-mastered. Total songs then ready for broadcasting 25,278.

As of March 2016 we now have 96.41% of the vinyl records re-mastered. Total songs now ready for broadcasting 26,310.



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